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Investing in your health

As the cost of healthcare continues to increase and the access to skilled, experienced healthcare providers become more challenging you might be wondering how to stay healthy and manage your health regiment*.

We all know that old adage, “an ounce of prevention is better than cure”, and now more than ever it is vital to invest in preventive healthcare. The good news is that integrative therapies and wellness products are more accessible than it has ever been though it may seem overwhelming and confusing to determine which may best suit your healthcare goals.

A good way is to start is by taking a pulse check of your overall health. I call these, the Pillars of Wellness – Mind. Body. Spirit.

Here are some tips to help navigate your wellness path:

1. Determine which Pillar of Wellness requires the most attention. You can do so by assigning a grade to each: Grade A = Excellent; Grade B = Good; Grade C = Average

2. Next, choose an integrative modality within the Pillar of Wellness that most suits your goals. Some examples of each:

Mind: Psychiatrist; Meditation; Wellness Coach; Art Therapy etc.

Body: Massage Therapy; Nutritional Therapy; Acupuncture Therapy; Exercise

Spirit: Religious or Spiritual enlightenment; Reiki; Volunteering at a charity

3. Find a specialized integrative health practitioner that corresponds to your specific needs.

4. Don’t give up! Developing new and healthy habits does not happen overnight so enjoy the process of your journey.

Congratulations on taking this first step towards better healthcare and well being!

Stay tuned for my next topic: “Tips for choosing a wellness practitioner”

*It is important that people with existing health conditions consult their healthcare providers to determine which integrative healthcare programs may be most suitable to their current health conditions and treatment protocols.

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