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Your path to wellness starts here.

Located within the bordering neighborhoods of New York City's Midtown East and Upper East Side our wellness studio specializes in pain relief techniques; stress reduction; muscle and joint mobility; injury prevention and recovery. Our clients include industry professionals, retirees, athletes and active individuals seeking to maintain a healthy and injury free lifestyle. As part of a growing integrative and alternative care medical community we work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide the best and most effective treatment plan for your optimal health. Certified in a variety of massage modalities such as: Swedish; Deep Tissue; Neuromuscular; Trigger-point and Myofascial techniques, our therapists are dedicated to creating a safe and professional environment for each client.   


Please join us on this journey of healing.

About Liz

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Elizabeth Bennett
Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

Elizabeth is the proud owner and a dedicated practitioner of LizWell Massage Therapy Center. A graduate of Swedish Institute, Liz specializes in stress reduction, pain management and restorative care with an emphasis on mind-body connection. Her philosophy is that everyBODY is unique and as such uses a variety of musculoskeletal relief techniques to create a customized and holistic experience based on the client's lifestyle, activity level and medical conditions.

Liz is a member of several professional and clinical associations including ABMP, The New York Society of Medical Massage Therapy and ALMA


I had the distinct pleasure of working with Madeline, a student of the prestigious Alvin Ailey School and American Dance Theater. Our sessions were tailored towards maintaining healthy muscles while reducing pain and tension often present when learning new and challenging dance techniques.



4th CrossFit Games 2010, 2011, 2014
I have been working with Jessica since 2010. Her strength, resilience and sheer determination has helped shape this phenomenal woman who credits her longevity as an athlete and a weightlifting coach on listening to her body and integrating regular sports massage and neuro-muscular therapy techniques into her training program.



An itinerant software specialist and health-focused enthusiast, I have been working with Rob since 2016 to reduce mid and upper thoracic scar tissue from a past injury. Our sessions are geared towards increasing mobility and reducing work-related stiffness in his neck, shoulder and forearms. 


Who are our clients?

Our clientele includes a diverse mix of health and industry professionals, stay-at-home parents, athletes, retirees, students and weekend warriors who depend on the benefits of touch therapy in promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Carve out and claim time to care for yourself! 


Our wellness studio is located within a charming pre-war elevator building and consists of two treatment rooms, a cozy sitting area and well appointed restroom.

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Tel: (347) 559-1782

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